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Wings of winds


Wings of Wind: “To promote writings of the world”

Based in the Var, the Wings of wind association has been committed to the valorization of calligraphy and contemporary poetry since 1997. Certified by the Rector of Nice, which collaborates with numerous media libraries, it organizes cultural events such as the “Calligraphic meetings” of St Maximin, “The Greedy Book Day” of Brignoles; the association has created several itinerant exhibitions on writing and reading which can be seen on the website: 1998 The Birth of the Alphabet, 2000 Manu scripto, 2002 L like letter, 2004 Stone(s), 2006 Art Dico, 2010 Judish calligraphy, 2011 Chinese Calligraphy, 2013 Naturally book.

Established by Bernard Vanmalle, its art director, with the support of about forty artists, book professionals and volunteers, the association gives workshops on calligraphy and writing to offer the public a discovery of a poetic universe and an unexpected technical and creative cultural heritage.
The association has been a catalyst for creative graphic arts, while at the same time, defending and illustrating the cultural European heritage. The association has continued to evolve and now includes other types of writing specialists other than artists: librarians, public writers, bookbinders, illustrators, teachers and also scientists, therapists and IT specialists.

Some figures:

The association has created, with the financial support of the French Government, the Provence Regional Administration, the Department Administration, different municipalities and individuals, 8 itinerant exhibitions. It has presented 110 exhibitions in France, Switzerland and Belgium; it has organized more than 300 workshops and conferences as well as having created 20 literacy and artistic events.

More than 50,000 people have visited the exhibitions. More than 6,000 people have taken part in conferences and workshops. More than 10,000 have participated in an event proposed by the association.